The Museum

The Museum

> Why a virtual museum about Rationalism and Abstract Art.

In the early 20th Century, an extraordinary constellation of artists and architects commenced in the City of Como a remarkable international movement in Rational Architecture and Abstract Art. Ironically,nowdays the lack of physical space to display, share and promote the assemblage of the unique and exquisite work generated during this movement became a major challenge.

This fact is now fully realized that the impressive literary and scholastic depth and richness of the work of this unique period must be acknowledged. The amazing production of this movement must be shared with public for their interest, research and to gain new knowledge in rational art and architecture. Since years the Como’s “Casa del Fascio” designed and built by Giuseppe Terragni in 1932-1936 ( now used by the local military fiscal authority) was considered to became a Center for International Studies and a Museum of Italian Architecture of the 20th Century. Since its foundation in 2013, MADE in MAARC Cultural Association believes in this program, works to promote it in every public occasion, and in addition of that proposes also to involve in this program the rationalist building called “U.L.I” (Unione Lavoratori Industria, now used by the local health authority), located behind the “Casa del Fascio” and designed in 1939-41 by the 2 Giuseppe Terragni’s colleagues and companions, Cesare Cattaneo and Pietro Lingeri, which also needs to be restored and used for new purpose.

MADE in MAARC believes that there is an important need to establish an International Cultural Centre and a Museum of Rationalist Architecture and Abstract Art in Como, and this is essential for the city. Its aim is to collect and document all existing art and architecture artefacts and archives existing in Como, with an Exhibition Centre which should regularly feature the prominent paintings, sculptures and drawings of the Rationalist and Abstract art period.

The exhibition centre along with the virtual museum is a catalyst to promote the cultural events and a forum of contemporary art and architecture, a space of accumulated knowledge energizing the interest of citizens and tourists to discover and learn about in Como: the hub of Rationalist Art and Architecture.

> The Virtual Museum

A website in English and Italian languages will provide a continuous flow of immersive learning experience to a much broader audience, towards understanding and gaining the knowledge on the very inter and cross-disciplinary nature and influences of this unique, provocative and culturally compelling period in Italy and in Como.

MAARC will provide a virtual archive of works, a comprehensive bibliography of publications with an index on authors to benefit local, national and international audience. The website will also feature the on-going activities and the current events happening in Como and in the Region related to post-Rationalist Architecture with a particular focus on 50s and 60s in the 20th Century, which are yet to be explored.

MAARC is determined to cover a wide range of subjects and works of artists, architects and inter and cross-disciplinary literature that expounds on this unique period, and to provide updated information. Its larger objective is to provide a ready access of this unique resource toon-line users, researchers, students, scholars, enthusiasts and tourists who are interested in the art and architecture of the 20th Century in Como.

MAARC is focused to become a meaningful cultural resource with frequently updated proposals, writings, and authorships to promote provocative, creative, interactive ideas that are followed by an action.


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