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MADE in MAARC is a non-profit cultural association founded in May 2013 to enhance and promote awareness and experience of the Rationalist Architecture and Abstract Art in Como, Italy. Artists and architects of great talent and fame such as Giuseppe Terragni, Cesare Cattaneo, PietroLingeri, Gianni Mantero, Manlio Rho, Mario Radice, Aldo Galli, Carla Badiali, Carla Prina and others lived and worked in Como and around its territory during early part of the 20th Century.

MADE in MAARC is determined in enlightening the extraordinary international interest for this local artistic and cultural experience, by creating a worldwide network with the international cultural community. We aim to collaborate with Universities, Foundations, cultural associations and scholars who are eager to share, collaborate and contribute in developing new research and design initiatives founded on the principles of Rationalist Art and architecture, that is deeply rooted in theory, practice and action.

To achieve our tasks our cultural organization, in co-operation with academic institutions and public administrations, organizes seminars, exhibitions and conferences, International Workshops on Architecture and Urban Design that expounds on Rationalist Art and Architecture, that is most relevant in light of current paradigm shifts, design education and technological advancements in design-related disciplines.

Also, MADE in MAARC regularly organizes cultural visits in Como and Milan area and shares the rich experiences of these visits on the MAARC website which hosts the Virtual Museum.

MADE in MAARC cultural association is open to contributions from anyone who shares our goals and objectives.

We welcome you to join us. We consider your support and suggestions immensely valuable to the success of this very important project.


> who we are

MADE in MAARC founders include architects, designers, graphic, scholars and professionals who are passionately engaged to preserve, share, collaborate and learn from the experience of Italian Art and Architecture of the early 20th Century. Made in MAARC founding members: Giovannella Bianchi, Stefano Cagliari, Ado Franchini, Ebe Gianotti, Alberto Novati, Ines Porrino, Giovanna Saladanna, Cristina Allevi e Maximiliano Galli, in 2017 Luca Ortelli and in 2019 Lorenza Ceruti.

PRESIDENT: Ebe Gianotti

BOARD: Cristina Allevi, Lorenza Ceruti, Giovanna Saladanna

COLLABORATORS: Elena Bianchetti, Riccardo Rossoni, Arianna Sinigaglia


Sostieni i progetti di MADE in MAARC che promuovono, in Italia e all’estero, l’immagine di Como come una delle più importanti capitali dell’architettura moderna.
MADE in MAARC realizza le proprie iniziative grazie al lavoro volontario di soci e amici, e ai contributi e donazioni di chi ne condivide gli obiettivi.
Le donazioni sono essenziali per tutte le attività di promozione, anche a livello internazionale, del patrimonio d’arte astratta e architettura razionalista del territorio comasco MADE in MAARC ha bisogno del tuo aiuto, fai una donazione ora!
Prendi in considerazione anche l’opzione di contribuire mensilmente: aiuterai a sostenere il lavoro di MADE in MAARC per tutto l’anno.

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